James Austin’s Cottage at Austins Ferry

Leaving the Austins Ferry jetty I passed two metallic standing fish which supported an information panel about local fishes.

20141125_094550  20141125_094456

Past this sign and amidst trees in the distance the sandstone blocks of James Austin’s Cottage were visible. The interpretative panel indicated that James Austin died on Christmas Day in 1831 (did he choke on something like a threepence from the pudding I wonder?), and is buried in St David’s Park in the centre of Hobart – as I walk through the wharf and Salamanca area of Hobart’s CBD in a few weeks’ time, I will make a detour to see if I can locate his gravestone.

20141125_095225   20141125_095039   20141125_095414   20141125_095438

I walked away from James Austin’s tiny cottage at 9.55am and continued my journey southwards.

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