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Do what makes you happy


This blog post is not about my walking the Derwent River however it is about the spirit in which I tackled the trek.

I made my own mind up about where I would go, how I would get there and return, how long I would take, and the shape of the overall experience.  While some people were exceptionally nervous about my walking along some parts of the river, only two people told me not to walk particular sections. But I didn’t listen. I knew that, despite my bad ankles, feet, and knees I could do anything I wanted and would.  Even if it was at the rate of half the speed of what ‘normal’ people do – whatever that is.

My project to walk from the mouth to the source has always been intended to inspire others to find their own projects – not necessarily walking projects – but always discovery projects where you face the uncertainty of not knowing the outcome.  Let me tell you – you can do so much more than you believe.

One of the blogs which I follow, Soul Trekkers, has published a post telling how she follows her own path despite other people wanting to decide for her where she goes.  You can read it at Choose your Own Adventure.

Be inspired and find your own projects.  Push yourself out of your comfort zone (but keep safe) and enjoy finding out more about this wonderful world of ours.