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The inspiration for my walk along the Derwent River

Due to popular demand I have added a new page onto the blog to provide details of the book which inspired me to walk along the Derwent River.

This new page titled ‘The inspiration for my walk along the Derwent River’ is located under the heading on the top left of the website: USEFUL ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.  When your mouse hovers over these words a drop down menu gives three options: ‘Frequently asked questions’, ‘How far have I walked?’, and now the new page ‘The inspiration for my walk along the Derwent River’.  Alternatively go to https://walkingthederwent.com/about/the-inspiration-for-my-walk-along-the-derwent-river/

Some followers who receive an automatic email when I make a new posting and therefore seldom visit the blogsite, have asked to be reminded how they can access the actual blogsite. When your email arrives, after reading the blog posting, if you click on the heading of the posting then immediately you will be rerouted to the blogsite.

Happy reading!