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Food for the walk – part 2

Recently my post Food for the Walk (https://walkingthederwent.com/2015/07/31/food-for-the-walk/) explained my process for creating a soupy stew from a variety of dried vegetables and dried minced turkey. This tasted heavenly and was extremely nutritious. I have now repeated the recipe but substituted dried strips of chicken leg meat for the turkey.


I soaked and cooked the collection of ingredients for the same length of time given for the first experiment – but this time, despite the flavours being richly tasty, the chicken remained tough, stringy and dry.  My guess is that mincemeat is the preferable food for drying so I will try minced chicken for the next experiment.  I have now soaked and cooked the remainder of the previously dried chicken for hours; but it never became deliciously nor softly edible.  One failed experiment.  Ah well – a new learning.