From frozen Siberia to hot central Australia – a major walk that is inspirational

This posting has nothing directly to do with the Derwent River, but the attitude of the walker is one which I applaud. I hope it inspires others to consider walking any river, beach, coastline or any landscape.

For almost three years, an independent woman walked and walked and then walked some more. Sarah Marquis’s story can be read here.

Sarah is reported as saying: ‘I wrote about this because I’m the girl next door, I’m just like every other woman. I wanted to show other women what we can do. I think as Western women we’re lucky to have the freedoms we have but other women don’t have the same freedoms. My trip was about telling women we all need to do something about that.’  Most impressive.  Just another reminder that we can do more than what our friends imagine is possible.

If you want to know more, Sarah has published a book, Wild by Nature. which is available for purchase online as a Kindle and a print copy.

Cover for sarah marquis book Wild by Nature.jpg

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