Best Bester Bestest Good Gooder Goodest

Did I attract your attention? Did I make you cringe? Perhaps I need to improve my writing or some other feature.

Blogger and follower of my blog, Ma, recently forwarded me a connection to Karen Andrew’s ‘10 Tips to Improve Your Blogging’. If you subscribe to Andrew’s newsletter she forwards the e-book to you for free: go to her site  if interested. The intention of today’s post today is to try out one of her suggestions. Andrews recommends bloggers ask their readership for ideas for improvement.

If you read the Frequently Asked Questions section on my blogsite you can see a list of my intentions for this walking project. Do you think I can achieve some of these goals in a better way? If so, what should I do?  Should the content be different?  If so, what ideas do you have? How about the format of the blog – should that be different?  If so, what suggestions can you make?

A big thankyou

I have been delighted with the engagement of many of my blog’s followers – those who give me gifts of links and connections to information and ideas are truly valued. Thank you. And an additional special thank you to all the writers of those wonderful blogs that excite and motivate me, and for those that make me rethink my conditioned and tired old ways of thinking. Blogging has opened new worlds for me.

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